Saturday, October 21, 2017

Top 5 killer secrets about how to learn fast anything

There are a lot of ways by which you can learn something faster. But here I am giving you the top 5 killer secrets about how to learn fast anything.

Human And Human Brain
Our brain is the command center for our nervous system and so it receives input from the sensory organs and sends output to the muscles. But the most amazing fact is when it does that it stores most of the senses to its related sensory database. And we call it memories.
So what we got from here ? Our memories are not saved in a fixed place into our head like computer's hard disk but it is saved into our whole brain in different places in different ways as like it took input from different sensory organs.
So how do we learn something ? When we do something our brain gather some of the information by our sensory organs and stores that to our related brain's part and also quickly responds by our muscle. And when we successfully gather an information completely, it's called as learning that information.
So how do we learn fast ? If we do something our brain gather some information and saves them. And as fast as it saves the information correctly, we can say that we are learning that information faster. So to learn fast we must do a work by as many input sensory organs as we can. And do the same work in a different style to save that information to various parts of our brain. So that we can learn something faster and quicker.

1.Teach someone else or if you don't find anyone to teach just pretend to:
If you do this, you will understand the fact that you didn't figure out to be not to understand.
2.Learn in short time:
If you do this, you will be more focused when you are learning. And that's why you will learn it better.
A good example of this when you study a new topic before the last night of an exam, it gets memorized faster.
3.Take some notes by hand:
If you do this, you get the main facts and most important information about a topic. And when you take notes you think about the topic and spend more times. As a result, the topic gets deeper into your head. And after forgetting that topic when you recall the highlighted notes the again remember the full topic.
4.Take a  small break:
We are human not a robot. So we need to take breaks in our work to refresh our mind. When we work for a while our brain gets hazy because of the pressure of that work. And when we take breaks in our work we get some moments to relax. And that time we have no pressure. So our brain gets time to clear and refresh himself. As a result, scientists have proved that taking small breaks in your work can improve the quality and quantity of your work.
5.Change It Up:
If you try to change a topic. Firstly, you have to understand the main topic. And finally when you change the topic your creativity knows no bound.

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